Author Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Illustrator Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Publication date May 5, 2008
Published by Chicken House
ISBN 978-0-545-09636-2
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Deeper is the second book in the Tunnels series, which is written by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. It was published by Chicken House on May 5, 2008. It has one book preceding it, entitled Tunnels, and three books succeeding it, entitled Freefall, Closer, and Spiral. The book Deeper chronicles Will, Chester, and Cal trying to survive in the Deeps, find Will's father, and escape. Hunted by the Styx, they fall in with the renegade Drake and his protegé, Elliot. Meanwhile, Will's dad makes amazing discoveries in the Deeps, and the boy's biological mother, convinced by the Styx that Will murdered her brother, is helping the Styx hunt him down. Will's fake sister Rebecca also has a part to play in the story.


And I listened, and I heard

Hammers beating, night and day,

In the palace, newly reared,

Beating it to dust and clay:

Other hammers, muffled hammers,

Silent hammers of decay.

from The Hammers

Ralph Hodgson(1871-1962)

The BlurbEdit


In Tunnels, boy archaeologist Will Burrows went in search of his missing father--and discovered a sinister subterranean world. Now, wandering the dark, dry bowels beneath the Colony with his best friend, Chester, and his brother, Cal, Will stumvles across the Styx's diabolical plan to decimate London's Topsoilers. But before Will can put a stop to the plot, he's got to escape both his killer sister and a bunch of sharpshooting bounty hunters! Where is Will's dad? What's at the bottom of the mysterious Pore? How much lower can they go?!