Will Burrows
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Will Burrows, originally named Seth Jerome, is the main protagonist of the Tunnels series. He earns most of his looks from his mother, Sarah Jerome, and he has albinism, meaning that his skin is an unnatural white, and being in the sun hurts his skin. Will has one brother, Cal, and used to have another one but he died of a fever. When Will was two years old, his mother brought him to Topsoil and attempted to bring Cal too but the Styx caught onto them and Sarah was only able to bring Will to the surface, where he was abandoned in a cemetary, in front of a tomb with a shovel and a pickax crossed. Dr. Burrows and Mrs. Burrows eventually came to find him and he was adopted by the two, believing they were his true father and mother until he discovered The Colony where he met his father, Mr. Jerome, and his brother Cal.



At the beginning of Tunnels, Will is first introduced digging with his father in the Temperance Square parking lot, where the two discover a disused train station, where they find the stationmaster's office and Dr. Burrows gets a blank ticket box for his person collection. Will is later seen waiting at The Forty Pits for his best friend Chester, so they can work on their previous dig that Will had started with his father. When Chester arrives, late due to a tire flattening on his bike. After biking, in Chester's case, running, to the Temperance Square parking lot, they work on the tunnel together, trying to move out some sandstone, collecting the remnants into buckets.